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Conventional board office furniture 
Style series: Board table
Applicable object: Ergonomically designed, it is suitable for business, office, furniture, study, school, hospital, high school and lower level personnel
Specifications: Customized according to site actual requirement
Texture of material: woodiness
colour: Color card selection
base material: By "Jell-O" brand particleboard, high strength, no deformation, strong load-bearing, E1 grade of national standard of environmental protection
Surface material: Choose high-quality German "Xia Te" decorative paper.
Function configuration: According to the site line, the actual needs of customers, you can flexibly line, electrical integration, leather pad, refrigerator, safe and many other functions

1, there are many types of office furniture, because of limited space, here the office furniture classification and general name list as follows, for reference:

According to practical function:

Desk, office chair | | conference table | training table | reception | table | | file cabinet file cabinet | safe | tea cabinet | other;

According to the production process:

Office furniture office furniture wood paint | | wood veneer office furniture office furniture | | plate stickers


Independent office furniture | screen workstation | office partition | high compartment

2, the desk according to the applicable object: boss desk manager | table | director table | staff table | Bantai | desk staff | conference table | table table (table) | training | general computer desk; desk material: wood desk plate | desk | wood paint desk | steel wood combined the desk | screen workstation | office partition desk |;

3, office chair material: mesh office chair | leather office chair | cloth office chair | office chair |; office chair according to the applicable object: boss chair | manager chair | executive chair | staff chair | staff chair chair | | conference chair | training chair | other leisure chair |; office chair according to the structure: Lift Office Chair | tilting office chair | office chair chair | | bow four other |

4, sofa material: fabric sofa leather sofa sofa | | plastic |; according to the applicable site: office sofa sofa sofa | | hotel catering | | leisure sofa sofa sofa

Table 5, material: wood tea table glass table | | steel wood combined with | plate | coffee table

6, cabinet material: Haraki Ko | plate cabinet | wood paint cabinet | tiepigui (steel cabinet) | container (shelf) |; according to the functions: file cabinet file cabinet | | locker | cabinet | lockers | tea cabinet showcase | | other special purpose cabinets;


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